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Independent Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse

The Inquiry offers an unprecedented opportunity to examine the extent to which institutions and organisations in England and Wales have taken seriously their responsibility to protect children.

The Inquiry which commenced in 2014 will investigate a wide range of institutions including:

  • local authorities
  • the police
  • the Crown Prosecution Service
  • the Immigration Service
  • the BBC
  • the armed forces
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • children's homes
  • churches, mosques and other religious organisations
  • charities and voluntary organisations
  • regulators and
  • other public and private institutions.

It will also examine allegations of child sexual abuse involving well known people, including people in the media, politics, and other aspects of public life. More information about what the IICSA have been asked to investigate is in their Terms of Reference. The terms of reference explain the scope of their work and the principles they must follow.


Independent from government, focused on England and Wales

The Inquiry is an independent statutory inquiry and covers England and Wales. Being independent means the Inquiry is not part of government and not run by a government department. Being statutory means the Inquiry was set up under the Inquiries Act 2005 and has the power to compel witnesses to give evidence.

YouTube link to IICSA video

Victims and survivors - The Truth Project

Although the IICSA are investigating institutional failures, rather than individual cases of sexual abuse, the experiences of victims and survivors are central to their task. The IICSA cannot begin to understand the patterns of institutional failures without hearing from those who suffered as a consequence of those failures. They are working with victims and survivors who want to assist the Inquiry in its work by sharing their experience of sexual abuse. Read more about how they work and sharing your experience. Please see attached advertorials for further information: Truth Project Advertorial 1 Truth Project Advertorial 2,
Truth Project Advertorial 3.


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