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The section below outlines the current restrictions and reported outbreaks in Somerset due to diarrhoea and/or vomiting (Norovirus).

This information is provided by each organisation for the purposes of capacity management and reflects only those restrictions required by them.

Further information

For information or advice about Norovirus, its symptoms and how to reduce the spread of the virus see:

NHS Choices – Norovirus

Norovirus, which causes diarrhoea and vomiting, is one of the most common stomach bugs in the UK. It’s also called the “winter vomiting bug” because it’s more common in winter, although you can catch it at any time of the year.

Norovirus can be very unpleasant but it usually clears up by itself in a few days.

Read more: 

NHS 111

If you or a family member are experiencing symptoms of Noro Virus and you are concerned about your health telephone 111 .

NHS 111 is available 24 hours a day and is free to call from your home telephone or mobile.

Public Health England

For advice about a local outbreak of Norovirus in your community contact Public Health England. Tel: 0300 303 8162

Please note: This information is not live, for the latest information please visit the relevant trust website.

To facilitate patient transfer please ensure you have provider to provider discussions (eg trust to trust or trust to care home).

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust – no restrictions reported

Yeovil District Hospital – no restrictions reported

Royal United Hospital – no restrictions reported 

Weston General Hospital – no restrictions reported  

Additional Contact Numbers:

RUH IP+C team – 01225 825463

PHE South West Health Protection Team – 0300 303 8162, option 1, option 1