A People Champion is a patient or member of the public who volunteers to work with us on a specific piece of work.  The People Champion brings their lived experience, skills, knowledge and commitment, providing a lay perspective to the planning, development and commissioning of health services. Some People Champions represent groups of patients and carers, some share experience of specific health conditions, some represent particular localities or communities in the county, and all provide a user voice in their roles.

We are committed to working with People Champions as part of our day to day patient, carer and public participation approach. Our key principles include:

  • Encouraging a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds and skills to be involved as People Champions   
  • Valuing, managing and supporting People Champions in their roles  
  • Being clear about our expectations of People Champions and what we can offer  
  • Reimbursing out of pocket expenses to enable People Champions to participate  
  • Providing a framework for People Champions and our staff to manage issues to do with confidentiality, sensitive information, accountability and integrity  

We have People Champions on many of our committees, for example:

  • Governing Body
  • End of Life and Palliative Care Clinical Programme Group  
  • Primary Care Joint Commissioning Committee
  • Somerset Digital People Champions Group
  • Prescribing and Medicines Management Group.

To view more information about becoming a People Champion volunteer click here. For an application form click here. You can also view our volunteer policy by clicking here

If you want to discuss the roles further please contact somccg.engagement@nhs.net or call 01935 384022.