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We regularly talk to people to get their views on local health services.  We aim to ensure that the services we commission, or buy, reflect the needs of our population.  We want to give Somerset people more influence and control over the decisions we make.

This page is all about letting you know how your feedback, comments, and views have made a difference to your local NHS. You said, we did actions are included in every Governing Body report. These reports can be viewed here

You said, we did

Below are examples of how public involvement has helped shape services in Somerset. 


This section includes reports following large engagement projects we have undertaken to gather views to help in the planning and design of NHS services in Somerset.

Children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing

Your Views Matter

We are pleased to share our full report on our findings following our engagement about Children and Young People’s emotional health and wellbeing in Somerset 2020.

307 people completed a survey to tell us what they think of children and young people mental health services. The survey was designed in partnership with Young Somerset, the largest youth work charity in Somerset. Key findings from the report tell us that people would like to see easier access to services, increased availability of sessions, more suitable services for specific needs and better communication about the services that are available.

From the findings we have created a list of expectations that young people would like from all services offering mental health support in Somerset. These include putting the young person at the heart of the conversation, being accessible to everyone and reducing waiting times. This will be used by us in the future designing and commissioning of services.

Rose Firth who is our Mental Health Commissioning Officer for Children and Young People said “it is really useful to understand how young people feel about the current services on offer and what they feel we can do to improve these going forward. We acknowledge that there are limitations to this survey so I am looking forward to continuing these conversations with young people about what services they need and would like”.

Charlotte Johnson, Wellbeing Project Leader at Young Somerset said that “the survey has provided us with an opportunity to gain invaluable feedback from children and young people about their Mental Health and Services that have supported them, including our Wellbeing Service at Young Somerset. This has allowed us to identify areas for service improvement, and inspired us to expand on our offers of participation opportunities for children and young people within our service. We are also launching a survey gaining feedback from Parents/Guardians in the near future”.

At the end of the survey people were given the opportunity to leave their email address if they would be interested in working with us to shape and design young people mental health services. If you would like to be involved in these conversations you can still get in touch by emailing

Reports from our partners

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