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Make the right call – need urgent care, but not sure where to go first?

This week (1 Dec 2020), a new system is being introduced for people in Somerset who need urgent, but not emergency care. People will be urged to contact NHS 111 by phone or online, at any time of day or night, to get medical advice and care.

If you think you need urgent medical advice or treatment – before coming to A&E stop and go straight to 111 first.

You can speak to a medical professional before leaving home and access medical advice quickly and safely.

When you call 111, a medical professional will help you to get the right help for your needs; this could be self-care, going to a pharmacist, or through an appointment with a GP, or they may refer you to a specialist clinic.

If you do need urgent care, the 111 team will book you a time slot either within a Minor Injury Unit or A&E at Musgrove Park Hospital, or Yeovil District Hospital.  The medical team will know why you are coming and when and by calling ahead you will be less likely to wait for longer than necessary.

You can also use NHS 111 online and receive a call back from a trained health professional if you need it.

For minor and routine healthcare needs, people are encouraged to self-care, contact their local community pharmacy or GP surgery in the usual way. You can also download the NHS App to order repeat prescriptions, book appointments and check your symptoms

You can still go to emergency departments ( A&E) or Minor Injury Units for urgent care without calling ahead but thinking “NHS 111 First” will mean: ​

  • shorter waiting times ​via a booked slot at the emergency department or another appropriate service and
  • safe social distancing away from busy emergency department waiting rooms to protect you and others from COVID-19​.

The NHS111 number is free to use – giving you the right care, in the right place, at the right time and may save you an unnecessary trip to hospital.

In a life threatening emergency, such as chest pain, a stroke, or severe burns, ring 999 or visit your local emergency (A&E) department. Read more on when to go to A&E. Get the right care, in the right place, at right time. Watch a video to find out more: