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Early Help / Level 2 or 3 (in need of support)

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) aims to capture all of a child/young person’s and family’s needs at the earliest opportunity, and with consent (without consent the Early Help Advice Hub will not be able to process the Early Help referral). It is a shared tool which can be used by all agencies in Somerset who are delivering early help in a coordinated way so that they understand and respond to the needs of children/young people.

When you have assessed that the needs of children/young people and their families require the involvement and support of Getset services, as services already involved are not able to meet the identified needs, you must complete the EHA form.

If you require any advice or support with completing an Early Help Assessment, please contact:

The Early Help Advice Hub:
Tel: 01823 355803

To access the EHA form (used for Early help assessments, referral to early help services and child protection referrals)  please visit the Professional Choices website.

Child Protection / Acute /Level 4 (in need of protection)

If you are worried about a child or young person who could be in immediate danger please contact:

  • Children’s Social Care on 0300 123 2224. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday closed.
  • or the police.  In an emergency always contact the police by dialling 999.

If you have identified a child protection /Level4 concern, whereby the child is not in immediate danger, but you require the involvement of children’s social care, please complete the following referral form: EHA/ Request for multi agency involvement  and send it securely to     

Please note:

  • This form is currently used for early help assessments, early helps referrals and child protection / level4 referrals.
  • You can use the Threshold document / Effective support for children and families guidance to verify if an early help or child protection referral is required.
  • If you are submitting a child protection/level 4 referral you do not need to contact the Early Help Hub, as directed by Page 1 of the EHA form.  
  • If you are not sure if your concerns meet the child protection/level 4 referral threshold, you can contact the GP and safeguarding children leads consultation line to discuss your concerns: 0300 123 3078.
  • Seeking consent for a child protection/level 4 referral is good practice, but not essential if you have evidenced significant harm in your referral, or how level 4 criteria has been met.

Out of Hours Children’s Social Care

If you would like to speak to a social worker outside of office hours (6pm to 8am, Monday to Friday, weekends and bank holidays) please phone the Emergency Duty Team (EDT) on 0300 123 23 27

If you suspect child abuse:

  • Do listen to the child
  • Do take what the child says seriously
  • Do act quickly
  • Do share your worries with Children’s Social Care, the police or the NSPCC – they are there to help you
  • Do continue to offer support to the child
  • Don’t delay 
  • Don’t probe or push the child for explanations 
  • Don’t assume that someone else knows and will help the child. You must act 
  • Don’t be afraid to voice your concerns, the child may need urgent protection and help.

You can find out more about early help and safeguarding children at these related websites: