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Somerset’s GPs welcome better language guide for National Diabetes Week – (11 to 17 June 2018)

GP and healthcare professionals in Somerset have welcomed the publication of a new guide to help health professionals better explain the risks of developing diabetes to their patients.

NHS England has published the “Language Matters” guide in collaboration with Diabetes UK, to coincide with Diabetes Week (11-17 June).

The guide explains how the use of non-judgemental language by healthcare professionals can have a more positive impact upon people at risk or already living with the disease.

The guide compliments the work already taking place in Somerset as part of its latest diabetes prevention programme.  New, smartphone technology is already helping people who previously knew nothing about diabetes or its impact upon their health until they underwent a simple blood glucose test at their GP surgery. 

Dr Henk Bruggers, a Mendip GP and Diabetes Lead for Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, explained: 

“When we see patients who are at risk of diabetes it is not helpful to come across as though we are blaming them.

“We all live different lives and people’s opportunities to take exercise or improve their diet vary.  The publication of today’s ‘Language Matters’ guide will be a helpful reminder to health professionals that talking to their patients in an encouraging way and showing them how they can help themselves by making small but essential changes to their diet and lifestyle, is key to helping them head-off what is becoming a serious long-term risk to their health.”

To find out if you could be at an increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and could benefit from the Somerset’s smartphone diabetes prevention programme, complete the Diabetes UK online survey: ( or talk toyour GP Practice nurse.  

For general information about Type 2 diabetes and how to reduce your risk of developing the condition visit the Diabetes UK web site at: 

Or visit the NHS Somerset intneractive website supporting people who have diabetes and their family and friends: 




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