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Somerset welcomes national spotlight

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Somerset will feature in two, hour-long films by the BBC’s Panorama team which are scheduled to be broadcast on BBC1 at 9pm on Wednesday 29 May and Wednesday 05 June. The programmes focuses on the pressures facing adult social care and the impact these are having on the people who need these services and the staff who work in them.

The BBC team spent ten months following Somerset County Council staff and feature a number of case studies of people in need of social care.

Dr Ed Ford, Chair, Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We are proud of our partners at Somerset County Council for their openness, honesty and willingness to shine a light on the challenges facing adult social care. But this is not just a Somerset story; this is a national issue which needs urgent attention.

“The individual stories told in the programme are deeply moving. We have the greatest respect for everyone who shared their story, their carers and their families.

“The funding systems for both social care and health are complex. Staff working in social care, health and care providers work very hard to do their best for each and every person who needs support and the programmes clearly show this.

“We are actively working together with our colleagues in the health and care system to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone who lives and works in Somerset.

“Together we have made good progress in developing the health and care strategy for Somerset known as Fit for My Future. This new strategy is based on addressing the current health inequalities in the county so that people can enjoy more years of good health while also being financially affordable.”




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