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The NHS is changing.  In the future more health care is going to be delivered in the community or your own home. 

This is being made possible by the use of new and improved medicines, safer more effective ways of working and new ways to access information through new technology. 

By 2020 it will be possible for your medical record to be safely and securely shared electronically with all the health professionals delivering your care, whether in hospital or your GP surgery.  All medical records will be electronic and no longer stored as paper.

Many people already use Smart phones, tablet devices and computers to find information, to do online shopping and internet banking. We think health services and information should also be available online for those patients who wish to access it. 

However, we recognise that there are still many patients who do not know how to use a computer. These patients will still be able to access medical services and information as they currently do, and we will support and encourage more people in Somerset to explore the access to and use of digital services over the next few years.

In the coming years Somerset’s health system will allow us to:

Digital systems can enable patients to maintain their own health and wellbeing (eg, remote monitoring of vital bodily signs for a small number of patients living with chronic health conditions already takes place via home / smartphone technology).  Many people already use Apps and wearable devices to improve and monitor their fitness and we want to support people to use digital tools to improve their understanding of their own health.
Patients will have ownership of their own medical record (this will be shared with a doctor or nurse with the patient’s consent and at the point they receive treatment). This should avoid the need for patients to keep repeating their personal information every time they meet a new health professional.
An integrated computer system that will enable health and care organisations to share information held in your medical record. For instance, St Margaret’s Hospice needs to capture and share patient information with a local district hospital. They are not part of the NHS but we need to work with them and share information electronically to support care.
We need a single, joined up electronic health and social care system applying ‘whole system intelligence’ and thereby improving the planning of health care.
We will stop using paper and faxed information throughout the NHS and move to entirely electronic and secure computer information systems.

Patients already have:
  • Online access for GP appointments
  • Online access to ordering repeat prescriptions
  • Online access to their GP medical record
Plans are in development to provide:
  • Booking of hospital appointments
  • Diagnostic tests and test results recorded and stored electronically
  • Patient online consultation with their GP Practice via Skype
Find out more about our digital projects

To successfully plan and implement these requirements by 2020, a Somerset Digital Roadmap has been developed. Click here to download a copy of the Somerset Digital Roadmap and Appendix E detailing our plans to deliver the ten national priorities. If you would like copies of the other appendices please contact Jess Brown, IM&T Project Support Officer.

You can read more about the projects within the Digital Roadmap by clicking on the links below.

For further information about our projects email Jess Brown, Digital Programme Officer.

If you're part of a community group or if the work you are doing is relevant to this work and you'd like to discuss this, please contact us.



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